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The definitive field guide to the Chesapeake Bay. The nine major habitat zones encountered along the Chesapeake-from freshwater wetlands and streams to tidewater marshes to the open Bay-are described and illustrated. Because the guide is organized by ecological community, each of which has its own unique set of plants and animals, field identification becomes much easier. To aid further in this process, the most important field marks of more than 500 species are shown in superb pen-an-ink drawings. Four introductory chapters provide the background for this fascinating ecosystem, explaining the workings of the Bay and its place as the most productive estuary in North America. Aquatic and wetland plants; invertebrates; freshwater, estuarine, and marine fishes; amphibians and reptiles; birds; mammals are all represented in this benchmark work. Illustrations by Karen Teramura. Glossary. Index. 212 pages.