Announcing Lobster Book

ANNOUNCING Christopher White’s new book on the Future of Lobstering in New England


St. Martin’s Press (MacMillan) has acquired the rights to Christopher White’s fifth book about the impact of ocean warming on the fisheries and culture of coastal Maine. The Gulf of Maine is warming at a faster rate than most ocean waters around the world. The fallout is beginning to mount. The Chesapeake blue crab and other southern marine species are now colonizing waters north of Cape Cod. Local Maine fisheries are also shifting north–lobsters by nearly 50 miles. Lobsters are multiplying but the dockside price has drastically dropped. And the forecast is poor: Lobster larvae number less than 50 percent of their levels from 2007. What if the entire population crashed? What if it continued to boom? Lobsters define the coast of Maine; tourism and the economy depend upon them. As we will see aboard their boats, lobstermen are trying to adapt but there are no precedents or blueprints for the rapidly changing times.