Skipjack To Be Released in Paperback

Skipjack by Christopher White will be released in paperback on October 16th (2011) and will be available wherever books are sold. Also available in hardback and ebook.

“[An] evocative portrait of the nation’s most beautiful and poignant vocational anachronism. It’s an action-packed tale, complete with waterborne grudge matches, on-deck shootouts, fierce winter storms and suspenseful escapes…[all] served up for us on the half-shell.”–The Washington Post

“A hands-on survey of the dangerous skipjack shellfishery, [which] White ably handles as a skilled naturalist. The old-time watermen fill White’s ear with stories of the past that give evidence to their enigmatic reputation as part outlaw, part conservationist. An illuminating, somewhat mournful story of a dying art form.” Kirkus Reviews

“Naturally, what’s at stake is not just an important sea creature but a way of human life; White mines…testimony on every aspect of community life, from family recipes to skipjack races to oyster wars, in a moving account. Examining the circumstances and difficult decisions of [the] men…. White provides on-the-ground insight into the possibilities and problems of simultaneously sustaining a community and an ecosystem.” –Online Publishers Weekly